The LeaseOwn Homes Lease-to-Own Advantage

Lease to own houses


We don’t charge seller fees or closing costs. Calculate Your Lease-to-Own Savings Instantly.


Find a dream tenant quickly at no cost. Calculate Your Lease-to-Own Savings Instantly.


Home Ownership is finally within your reach. View our Lease-to-Own Inventory now and learn more.

Lease to own houses

“I loved working with LeaseOwn because there is more to me than my low credit score, but nobody else could see past that.”

A Better Solution

Lease-to-own is all we do. These transactions are different from conventional sales or Leases, so why not work with a specialist at LeaseOwn Homes.

Lease-to-Own Partners You Can Trust

Don’t take a chance with your investment. The LeaseOwn Homes, Lease-to-Own program has place people in their dream home while they prepare for the purchase.

We are experts at:

  • Locating well-qualified families who are within 1-3 years of purchasing a home
  • Structuring pricing & terms on a win-win agreement
  • Marketing our properties to the target audience
  • Providing credit improvement strategies to buyers
  • We screen both sellers and buyers including title check, eviction and income verification

Lease-to-Own Affiliate Partnerships Are Available

LeaseOwn Homes, Inc. was formed because it was a concept whose time had come. Our Lease-to-own program uses a proven system to fill properties with a qualified buyer at no cost to the homeowner. Buyers are willing to pay our profit to access properties linked to our program.

We are not real estate agents or property managers. We do not represent you as a real estate agent or property manager, we take on the role of tenant in all of our transactions so we have a vested interest in ensuring that everything runs like clockwork. We then assign the agreement to a hand selected buyer from our proprietary database.

What are Lease-to-Own Homes?

What are Lease-to-Own Homes? Lease-to-Own (also called Rent-to-Own and Lease-Option) is like an extended escrow period during which time the buyer helps pay a portion of the seller’s mortgage payments in exchange for being allowed to live in the home until the sale closes. They treat a Lease-to-own home as if it’s theirs, because some day it will be. The typical Lease-to-own home buyer has stable income and Lease payment history, but has some credit issues to work out or needs time to save up for a larger down payment.

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