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Tired of the 'Rat Race'?

When you invest in LeaseOwn Homes you are making an investment in yourself and your future. Enjoy the flexibility of working out of your home office or in an office park, it's your choice. Our management system can be accessed anywhere an internet connection exists, so you can do business nationwide and even continue managing your business while on vacation in Hawaii.

Be in Business For Yourself but not By Yourself

The LeaseOwn Homes Real Estate Investing Business Model is complete and time-tested supported by cutting-edge technology and by an industry veteran who has earned millions of dollars from real estate, Marv Rousselow. You will receive extensive one-on-one training so you know exactly what to do and how to do it. If we decide to grant you a LeaseOwn Homes Affiliate Partnership you will have an exclusive part of the country to build your LeaseOwn Homes Real Estate Investing Business.

Earn Now, During and After

Our unique LeaseOwn Homes Real Estate Investing Business Model allows you the opportunity make money immediately, earn a passive monthly income and a future profit from every investment property you control. That is money that will be deposited into your bank account automatically even when you choose to take a week off to spend with family.

How Much Can You Sell Your 'Job' For?

You invest so much time and passion into what you do. Wouldn't it be nice if that was something that would allow you to have financial freedom so you could enjoy the journey today  and retirement tomorrow.  Becoming a LeaseOwn Homes Real Estate Investor Affiliate Partner might be the opportunity you've been looking for.

Create your own Team of LeaseOwn Homes Real Estate Investor Affiliate Partnerships nationwide who will earn you additional income.

Our System provides your partners with their own control so you can spend time generating their deals while you continue to profit from their efforts.