Lease Your Property With No Fees

Please listen to this short audio to learn how you can get long term tenants, have no maintenance or repair costs, earn 30% more for your property when you sell and save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions.

Lease Option Memo Agreement Form

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  • Our system will help structure price & terms
  • Work one-on-one with your experienced local LeaseOwn Homes Professional
  • No cost to landlords – tenant/buyers pay our profit
  • No obligation until you approve tenant and get paid
Landlords: Here’s How it Works Here are some of the nuisances and costs you avoid by calling us today:

  • Running ads
  • Putting out signs
  • Returning phone calls
  • Showing the property
  • Screening tenants
  • Lawn care and gardening
  • Collecting lease payments
“When my properties sits empty, I am losing money. I also can’t afford to place the wrong people in my investment properties. I trust LeaseOwn Homes to fill my homes quickly with families who will get financed as soon as possible.”
rent to own houses
rent to own houses
No Buyer’s Agent Commissions X
No Listing Agent Commissions X X
No Closing Costs Option X
Full Price Sale X
Move Your Home Fast X
Tap Into Existing Buyer Database X X
Avoid Pre-Payment Penalties X
We provide a dream tenant at no cost to you If you’re wondering where all the stellar tenants have gone, they have already been found by LeaseOwn Homes and are standing in line to move into your property! We have a database of prospective tenant buyers who are waiting for us to add inventory. We advertise year-round and take many phone calls and e-mails to locate serious tenants with verified income and on-time payment history. Our solution costs you nothing, as our profit is paid by the tenants. Landlords, Here’s How It WorksAre You a Builder or Investor? Our Lease-to-Own Solution will work for you too.
Financial Advantages While it is true that the LeaseOwn Homes Lease-to-Own program provides unmatched convenience, we also provide significant financial advantages. There are three distinct ways that you profit with our program: First, you get a long term tenant who will be buying the home at the end of the lease so they will take care of the home as if it is their own. Secondly, we can set it up so the tenant takes care of all of the maintenance and repairs so no more headaches of landlord duty. Finally, if the tenant chooses to exercise their option to purchase the house, sellers net significantly more than if they sold today using a real estate agent.
Our Solution for Landlords LeaseOwn Homes will help you achieve your goals at no cost to you. If your home meets our criteria, you can sign a 1-3 year Lease-to-Own transaction possibly the same day. Here are a few advantages to working with us:
• No Agent Commissions- I’m sure you’ll find a better use for the thousands of dollars you will be saving.
• No Closing Costs Option- The tenant will pay 100% of the closing costs if the Tenant chooses to buy
• No Property Management Fees- The tenant will pay a loan servicing company or escrow company to handle rent collection and all maintenance and repairs are the tenant’s responsibility.
• Higher Caliber Tenant- Tenants have a vested interest in taking care of your property, because someday it might be theirs.
• No Monthly Outlay- Pay no gardening, public/private utilities, maintenance & repairs, or property management fees.
• Maintain Tax Benefits- Save hundreds per month in taxes by writing off depreciation and interest (verify with your CPA).
• Avoid pre-payment Penalties- We can structure the agreement to ensure the sale of the property occurs after the loan penalty period.Contact Us now to find out if your home qualifies for our program.