Seller Form

Lease Option Memo Agreement

Information regarding the Lease Option Memo Agreement

LeaseOwn Homes is not acting as a real estate office and we are not acting as real estate agents, there is no cost to you and no commissions to be paid. LeaseOwn Homes needs your written permission to show the home.

Please print, complete, sign this form and email or fax it back to us right away (Link above). LeaseOwn Homes has over 900 tenant buyers looking for homes. Below are the terms requested for our tenant buyers.

Information to add:
Please add the name on the title.
The address of the property and sign and date the bottom.

Purchase price: Today’s market value + 10% increase per year
Maintenance/Repairs/Home Warranty: Taken care of by tenant/buyers
Term: 3 year lease (can be less but longer term equals more profit for you)
Payments: Amount advertised in Craigslist

Arizona Association of Realtors Rental Agreement.
Arizona Association of Realtors Purchase Option Form.
Arizona Association of Realtors Addendum.

Additional items:
If the home is currently occupied we set up times convenient for the current tenant to show the home, normally we call the tenant ahead of time to let them know who and when they will be viewing the home.

No cost to you, we are paid a fee by our tenant buyers.

If you have any questions please call me direct 480-382-8858.


Marv Rousselow
“The Coach”
President & Founder
LeaseOwn Homes