This is our testimonial and recommendation on behalf of an outstanding accomplishment from Mr. Marv Rousselow of LeaseOwnHomes.com.

We were at our wit’s end in the worries and stresses of our attempts to rent our beautiful home, then we met Mr. Marv Rousselow of LeaseOwnHomes.com.

Marv has been a god send for us in renting our home in approximately 2 hours!  He is very thorough, dedicated, knowledgeable and most of all expedient in the entire process. The best part of our experience with his company was NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE whatsoever, and we were able to make money as well.  The relief of not having to no longer be a “landlord” was enough for us!  With his “lease to own” approach, this is path to freedom!

We would highly recommend Marv Rousselow in assisting any one in need of trying to rent their own property.  No pain! No hassles!

For us personally, it was well worth taking the time to familiarize ourselves with the company as well as getting to know Mr. Rousselow as well.

You will not regret your decision to follow the door to freedom!

Our many thanks again Marv for a job well done.

We look forward to referring you to as many people as we possibly can that are in need of help at this time in our economy.


Bianca & Hal
Glendale, Arizona

Bianca & Hal, Glendale, AZ

Affiliate Partner

July 29, 2012

Letter of Reference

RE: Marvin Rousselow

Lease Own Homes

I have been looking for several years how I can get involved in real estate investment with minimal capital. I have investigated several approaches. We are in the process of preparing for what we will do in retirement. We know that we must continue to be active and involved in a significant way of life.

The approaches that we have investigated include wholesaling, rehab(fix & flip), and buy and hold. My wife and I have owned rental properties for more than 11 years. We understand the work and expense required in owning and maintaining rental property. Wholesaling and rehab require a level of capital beyond which we feel comfortable risking.

Approximately, 6 weeks ago I was thinking that there is more to what we will do in retirement than simply working and earning an income. I asked myself what we could do that would help others who have been hurt in the current economy. Three days later, I received an email, in response to a rental ad that I had on Craigslist, from Marv. I called him and we discussed his approach and model.

That approach was what I was looking for. It helps people who may need to sell property and people who have lost their homes and income, but who have started to recover and need a break. They need help getting back into a home and repairing their credit.

My wife and I took several weeks trying to determine whether or not Marv is who he says he is. This included talking with a realtor, a seller in the program, and even a California sheriff office. Everything that we could verify confirmed what he had told us. Finally, we decided to join him.

I have been working the model for almost one month. I understood that hard work was part of getting the program running. That is absolutely true. This is not an overnight success program. It also requires an individual to learn skills that they may not have developed previously. Frankly, I am seeing progress at a faster pace than I expected to see. Marv promises that he will personally work with everyone who comes into the group. He has done that. He is tireless in his efforts. He wants those in his organization to succeed as well as those who make use of the services offered.

So far, I have worked the system as he has told me. I see progress in my skills. I see results coming as a result of the efforts that I put in. I see Marv giving leadership and training.

If anyone is interested in making use of the services of Lease Own Homes or joining the team, you will find what you have been promised.

Paul W.

Paul D. Wilde

Tenant Buyers

Marv Rousselow and Lease Own Homes made our home search easy and surprisingly quick. The process and documentation was all explained very thoroughly, and clearly. Marv’s approach made a stressful situation easy and he put us back on the path to home ownership in a matter of a few days. With the stress of relocating to a new state, it was very nice to have a professional like Marv on our side to help with the most stressful part. This was the best decision we have ever made.

Burkhead Family

Burkhead Family

“My home had been been on the Market for 6 months For Sale / Rent. Since I am with United States Army, deployed overseas, I couldn’t follow-up on it on regular basis. Moreover, my Real Estate Broker had lost interest in it. But Marv got me a tenant buyer within one week of filling in the online form. He is awesome! Now I am working with him on my next property. Thank you Marv!!! – Ali, S”

Marv got me a Rent to Own offer within one week of filling out the online form. He is awesome! Now I am working with him on my next property. Thank you Marv!!! – Ali, S”
Ali S.

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