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Buyer Program Benefits:

  • Easy Qualification – Credit Scores not used for approval*
  • As low as 5k down (Based on approval)*
  • Up to 3 years to purchase*
  • Guaranteed Purchase Price*
  • Build credit fast your monthly payments are reported to all 3 credit bureaus*
  • Same day approvals*
  • Escrow is opened with Chicago Title Agency
  • Make out all cashiers checks to: Chicago Title Agency
  • Satisfaction Guarantee (If you decide anytime prior to move in that you want to cancel you will receive a full refund)*

To find out if you qualify for our program: Click Here

Homes Qualifications:

  • Nice homes
  • Good schools nearby
  • Safe neighborhoods

Minimum Buyer Standards:

  • $50K Min Gross Household Income*
  • Verifiable & Documented Income* (Self-Employed OK)
  • No Recent Credit Issues – late payments, collections, repossessions, evictions, etc*
  • Past Credit Issues Typically OK*

*Contact us for specific details

To find out if you qualify for our program: Click Here

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Q: How much money will be required?

A: First month’s payment, A security deposit normally equal to the first month’s payment and as little as 5k down which will be the Purchase Option Assignment Fee.

Q: Is my monthly payment protected?

 A:  Yes. Your monthly payment is paid to a loan servicing company for a small fee and if there is a mortgage your payment is paid directly to the lender so you never have to worry about foreclosure.

Q: Does my monthly payment help my credit rating?

A: Yes your monthly payment is reported to all three credit bureaus which allows you to build credit towards your new loan at the time of purchase completion.

Q: Why do I have to pay a deposit?

A: Just in case you decide not to complete the purchase and there is damage to the home, if there is no damage to the home the deposit is refunded to you at the completion of the lease term or at the time you complete the purchase of your home.

Q: What is a Purchase Option Assignment Fee?

A: It gives you the exclusive rights to purchase the home.

Q: is the money I paid for the Purchase Option Assignment Fee applied to the home? A: Your Purchase Option Assignment Fee would be up to 3% of the purchase price and you will receive up to 6% credit back at the time of purchase which you may be able to use towards down payment and closing costs. (The credit back is as much as 2% of the purchase price per year).

Q: What is the purchase price?

A: The purchase price would be Today’s Market value + 7% per year.

Q: What happens to the  equity if the home increases in value above 7% per year?

A: Example: If the local real estate market is going up at a pace of 10%+ per year which means anything above the 7% goes directly to you.

Q: How do I find out if I qualify?

A: Complete the online application we may be able to have an approval the same day.

To find out if you qualify for our program: Click Here

If you have any additional questions please call (480) 382-8858

*All terms listed above are subject to approval by all parties to the transaction and may differ.