Under New Management


LeaseOwn Homes Disclosures:
• The term LeaseOwn Homes refers to the company LeaseOwn Homes LLC. and everyone who is affiliated to LeaseOwn Homes LLC.
• LeaseOwn Homes is a real estate investment company that acquires real estate on contract and assigns those rights to a third party for a fee.
• LeaseOwn Homes is not acting as a real estate office.
• LeaseOwn Homes is not acting as realtors, real estate brokers or mortgage agents or mortgage brokers.
• LeaseOwn Homes does not act on anyone else’s behalf.
• LeaseOwn Homes only acts on their own behalf.
• LeaseOwn Homes does not give advice but may share our experience.
• The final Lease and Option Contract is between the Landlord Owners and Tenant Buyers Only.
• Landlord Owners only are responsible for approving any and all Tenant Buyers, applications, documentation and contracts.

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