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LeaseOwn Homes is under NEW MANAGEMENT and is looking for Realtors Nationwide.

We Have Over 5000 Families Looking for Homes and We Acquire Homes Almost Daily.

Option 1: Stay working where your current Broker and If You Show One of Our LeaseOwn Homes, Write an Offer and The Offer Is Accepted You Earn $1250.00 the day we go into contract with all parties.

Option 2: Join LeaseOwn Homes and become the hero in your community.

How many buyers do you turn away daily who don’t qualify for traditional financing, how many lenders, mortgage agents and other realtors do you know that turn families away daily who have money for a down payment but don’t qualify for traditional financing?

How many property owners get turned away because they don’t want to pay a commission?

Imagine if you could help all of them and become the hero in your community by making a difference instead of just working for a commission.

  • No marketing or advertising
  • No door knocking
  • No driving around looking at homes
  1. LeaseOwn Homes does all the marketing & advertising for you
  2. LeaseOwn Homes provides you Property Owner Leads who want more information on our Landlord Owner Program
  3. LeaseOwn Homes provides you Tenant Buyers who are interested in our Tenant Buyers Homeownership Program

Would You Be Interested? If Yes, Please Read the Details Below.

The Leaseown Homes Business Model Is Simple:

Benefits for Buyers:

  1. We Help Families Who Don’t Qualify for Traditional Financing Get into A Home That Was Not Available to Them Until We Acquired It on Contract.
    2. They Get to Live in The Home They Will Own for Up to Three Years (Based on the Contract) Giving Them Enough Time to Save Up More Down Payment and Prepare Their Credit for a New Home Loan.
    3. The Purchase Price Is Locked in Which Gives Them the Opportunity to Start Earning Equity the Day They Move In.
    4. Leaseown Homes Helps Them Build Their Credit Fast by Reporting Ongoing Rental Payment History to Their Credit Report.
    5. Leaseown Homes Gives Families Up To 6% Credit Back from The Purchase Price to Help Them with Down Payment & Closing Cost.

Benefits for Investors/Landlord Owners/Sellers:

  1. 1-5-Year Term to Maximize Profit Margin
    2. All Maintenance & Repairs Paid by Tenant Buyers
    3. Home Warranty Paid by Tenant Buyers (Major Repairs)
    4. Yearly Rent Increase 5%
    5. Rent Collection Free to Investors
    6. Rent Payments Reported to Credit Bureau (Receive Rent On-Time)
    7. Yearly Profit 5% (Based on Current Market)
    8. Home Sold As-Is (No Inspections-No Repairs)
    9. Free Property Marketing to Investors
    10. Leaseown Homes Is Paid by Tenant Buyers
    11. No Cost to Investors
    Benefits to Realtors:
  2. Help More Families Other Realtors Are Turning Away by Giving Them Another Path to Homeownership and Become the Hero in Your Community
    2. Help Those Investors/Landlord Owners/Sellers Who Don’t Want to Pay a Commission
    3. Help More Investors/Landlord Owners/Sellers by Increasing Profit Margins, Reduce Costs, Lower Expenses and Create an Exit Strategy.
    4. Make more money

We have the Buyers and we have the Sellers, you show the home and write the offer based on the details you are given it is that simple and if the offer is accepted you get paid $1250.00.

Also, if you have a Buyer for one of our homes or a Landlord/Owner/Investor with a home that would fit our program you would get up to 50% of our fee we receive from our Tenant Buyers which is up to 3% of the purchase price and you are paid the day the contract is signed, and we get paid. If there is another Realtor involved which is rare you would split it.

To learn more about LeaseOwn Homes review our website.

LeaseOwn Homes has an BBB A+ Rating, incredible testimonials from families, realtors and investors. LeaseOwn Homes has been working with buyers, sellers, landlords, Realtors and other investors since 2010 & LeaseOwn Homes receives 2015 & 2017 Best of Scottsdale Award.

If you are interested in becoming a LeaseOwn Homes Affiliate Realtor or joining LeaseOwn Homes as a Realtor and would like the opportunity to start making money immediately, please complete the form below.

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